“QUANTUM” OPEN HOUSE held on April 27 at Rigid Containers in Wellington UK

BPAGNATI is pleased to announce that the recent “QUANTUM” OPEN HOUSE held on April 27 at Rigid Containers in Wellington UK was a great success. This event was made possible with kind permission and support from the Rigid Containers Group and the Wellington site management team.

More than 25 top managers and company owners from both multi-nationals and private companies from across Europe had been invited to see the complete 1.8Mtr wide QUANTUM corrugator in operation at the site and observed the machine running at a constant production speed of more than 320 Mtrs/min.

The QUANTUM was installed at Wellington in July 2015 and since the commissioning of the machine the performance achieved has exceeded expectation which has been highly appreciated by the Rigid team. The site report that the machine is producing high quality board which is ready for converting immediately after production and allows the conversion machines to run at high speed ensuring on-time deliveries to the Rigid Wellington’s customers. The productivity figures that are being achieved from the machine allow Rigid to compete against any mainline machine.

The total length of this compact corrugator is 60Mtrs! This together with the reduction in crew numbers required to operate the machine, energy costs up to 30% less than a conventional corrugator and low levels of glue consumption have all been part of the decision-making process of the Rigid Group in choosing the BPAgnati Quantum.

Richard Coward, the MD of the Rigid Group, mentioned during his welcome speech “we are delighted with our investment and we are proud to be able to show it to our colleagues from the industry”.

During the visit to the factory floor to see the machine in full production and review the technical aspects of the equipment the feedback from the invited guests was excellent and there were many comments about the machine build, performance and the ultra-modern design of the Quantum. There was a great interest in the compact nature of the machine and how this revolutionised the space needed within a business to be able to manufacture board.


  • 28 Aug, 2017
  • Agnati

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