Company Profile


Since the 1930’s Agnati have been using innovative technologies to design and manufacture machines and complete corrugators for the production of corrugated board.

Being a major worldwide specialists in the field, we are able to provide integrated solutions including machines, control systems and other options optimized for the specific application of each client.

We design and produce every component of our corrugators with the maximum configuration flexibility to suit any production requirement.

Our machines are known for their high reliability over time and excellent performance in the most varied production conditions.


We research and develop reliable and innovative packaging solutions in close collaboration with our customers. This is done with passion and dedication, constantly reducing energy requirements and environmental impact in a constant effort to provide maximum performance and user friendly solutions.


Passion for innovation


The experience, competence and constant innovation allow us not only to be recognised among the global leading suppliers within the Corrugated Industry, but we are especially proud to boast an exclusive and unique attribute: "USER FRIENDLY". Agnati machines are intended to be SIMPLE TO USE and to MANAGE.

Accomplishments and records

Innovation is the key to success which allowed the Agnati brand to be the leaders in the field many times over the years and often anticipating the needs of the Corrugated Industry.

We were the first to invent and patent the corrugated board production technology based on the positive pressure (ACS) for the single facer. We were among the first to design and supply exclusive technologies including the original modular slitter scorer concept, with gapless order change, paving the way for a new standard in efficient corrugator dry-ends.

The triumph of the single facer generation mod. Super 90, with an exclusive cartridge system for flute changing, was recognized worldwide, and today more than 600 units of this machine are in still production on 5 continents.

Recently the new Agnati single facer mod. Vantage, with a special non-metallic pressure roll, guarantees the highest quality of the finished product, never achieved before.

Our latest generation corrugator mod. Quantum is a newly developed machine adopting a completely new production process concept. It ensures the highest board quality board, with reduced power consumption and very compact dimensions (between 45 and 60 m depending on the dry-end configuration).

Studies and experimentation

Agnati develops through research and experimentation with materials, mechanical, electronic systems, advanced technology and dynamic analysis of the entire production process.


We have a strong know how in the development of applied electronics for the corrugator. In all new projects the mechanics, electronics, software and communications are all developed by Agnati in a fully integrated single source package.

Innovative technology at competitive prices

The Agnati way is to optimize design, considering performance, productivity, reliability and cost. This design philosophy ensures the greatest return on investment for our customers