Preventive Maintenance Program

The correct and constant maintenance of Corrugating Lines is a key factor to ensure the proper operation of the machines.

However in many cases only basic daily maintenance is carried out or work in relation to a malfunction or breakdown.

The period of time waiting for a solution in the case of failure can create a major production loss to a company and for this reason, in the interest of our customers, we have developed bespoke Preventive Maintenance Programs.

The priority for production is to maintain the highest efficiency of the corrugator over the time. To achieve this we offer preventive maintenance contracts tailored to suit the specific needs of each customer. During scheduled visits, our expert technicians perform functional inspections of the machines to identify in advance any need for maintenance, repair, or replacement of worn parts, in order to perform quickly any necessary overhauling, in agreement with the customer. For each machine survey a check lists is produced and this clearly documents the status of each function and the work to be done.

Our technicians will create a detailed service report which will be delivered to our customers, mentioning the condition of the machines and offering options for the replacement of worn parts (all maintenance and repair works are documented).

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Maintenance work
Preventive maintenance program
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